Order Preparation – QDROs and Similar DROs

Actuarial Concepts offers drafting of customized Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and similar orders for  attorneys in dissolution of marriage actions. Since 1996, we have assisted more than 100 Florida attorneys in preparing more than 1,000 custom QDROs for the division of marital property and child support enforcement.

Types of retirement plans we have drafted DROs for include:

  • 401(k)
  • Florida Air National Guard
  • 401(a) Defined Benefit
  • Federal Employees Retirement System
  • 403(b) Annuity
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • 457 Deferred Compensation
  • Civil Service Retirement System
  • Railroad Retirement

Plans that we have experience with include:

  • AT&T
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Nemours Foundation
  • City of Jacksonville
  • CSX Corporation
  • St. Joe Company
  • Florida Retirement System

Our standard fee for preparation of a pension DRO is $550, for 401(k) plans the fee is $375. Extra charges may apply if we are not provided complete data. Pre-qualifying the DRO with the plan and making any subsequent revisions requested by the plan are included at no additional charge. Note that our contract for services is with the attorney, not the client the attorney is representing (the obligation for payment as well).


We are a local firm with significant ties to the legal and pension community of Florida. We have personally provided actuarial
consultation for many local and state plans, and our legal staff has assisted many family law attorneys and mediators. We do not use the “model” QDRO forms typically provided by the Plan Administrator; rather, we customize the Order to meet the specific need of your case.

But of all the support we provide, the most important is peace of mind—for both you and your client. Processing the QDRO to finalize your responsibility as attorney of record is a detailed, time consuming effort, and perilous to delay. With planning, preparation, and proper execution—our specialties –you may close the case with confidence.

Please Note: The Florida Bar considers the preparation of a QDRO to be the practice of law. Our QDRO preparation services are performed under the direction of an attorney of record in the underlying case. Although we have an attorney on staff, we do NOT provide legal services or advice to the general public.

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